21st Century Change

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The Real Impact Of Change

When it comes to change, there’s a long-maintained narrative that 70% of it will fail. There’s also a vociferous counter narrative that the figure is arbitrary and has no basis in research.  However, the argument is simply a distraction from the real issue: that there’s no agreed framework against which successful change can be evaluated – at least not until now.


Change Ain’t What It Used To Be

Businesses that believe that they can deliver major change by reshaping their operating strategies often fail to achieve results.  This video explores how our relationships with organisations – as partners, as employees or as customers – has evolved and what that means for the way organisations need to approach change and transformation.

Is Your Change Transformational?

As the pace of change increases, the importance of understanding the change environment is becoming more complex and more important.  This video provides a frame within which to understand the dynamics of your specific change and so make sure that all bases are covered in your change strategy.

Engaging Whole Systems In Transformation

Traditional approaches to change were simple. A business would establish what the future was going to look like, give its employees the tools and skills needed and then make sure the transition was well managed. This approach has serious shortfalls when seeking to create agile solutions to complex problems. This video provides a Plan B.

What Makes Change Transformational?

Transformation is arguably the most overused word in the management dictionary and now is often used as shorthand for ‘any big change initiative’.  This article explores what conditions are needed for a change to be truly transformational – and what transformational change requires of change leaders and change agents.