Business Research

Our work starts with understanding your business and your people.  We work with your existing management research and survey information in ways that generate new perspectives and informs our solutions. Where this information does not exist, we will undertake additional research so that we are clear about what needs to change and to make sure you can measure our added value. For specific examples, take a look at our case studies.


  • Service productivity and efficiency reviews – reviewing processes, structures, systems and alternative business models
  • Change maturity assessments – current business expectations about how change is achieved and assessment of past change experiences
  • Change readiness assessments – the extent to which businesses have the essential conditions in place for planned changes to deliver the benefit
  • Business culture and employee climate surveys – an assessment of the way people feel about working within the business and what is seen to be most important
  • Psychometric and ability tests – A review of an individual’s style and behavioural preferences and the extent to which they have the capabilities to be successful in specific roles
  • Leadership and team dynamic reviews – review of the prevailing leadership style and how people work together