Business Change Readiness

Introducing multiple changes is increasingly part of business as usual for many organisations and so the extent to which your business is ready to take on each change is becoming an increasingly complex and dynamic assessment. Get deployment wrong and it not only means the change will not be effective, but your customers will suffer.

We work with your change management teams to build change readiness measures aligned to the deployment plans for each of your business programmes. We work with your operational leaders and managers to help them assess their teams readiness to adopt new ways of working, instead of being reliant on programmes launching their products against their development plans.


  • Working with the businesses to understand the current attitudes and past experiences of change, and so determine levels of change maturity
  • Developing local change impact plans that provide consistent data to inform your businesses change deployment decisions
  • Establishing change pathways for each part of your business that describe the change journey for employees, partners, suppliers and customers
  • Developing appropriate change readiness governance, aligned to the deployment plan that ensures safe release of changes to each area