Developing Change Maturity and Climate with Northumbria Water Group

NWG was seeking to transform its approach to asset management through the delivery of a £25m transformation that encompassed the adoption of new technologies, processes and operating structures.  The change was required to create a culture that was capable of meeting the changing needs of the industry into the future.  We were commissioned 2 years into the programme to establish measures against which NWG could assess to what extent services were prepared to adopt the changes.

What we did:

  • Reviewed the programmes outcomes and their anticipated impact on each service area and defined impacted groups and stakeholders
  • Assessed the extent to which each group understood the impact of the change on their way of working, their previous experience of change and the likely level of operational support
  • Worked with each business area to develop local change plans that integrated asset management change into their operating plan
  • Published a series of change readiness gateways against which the senior leadership team could assess the progress towards change readiness of their operations
  • Developed engagement, training and organisational redesign and development activities needed to move each service area along their own pathway to deployment
  • Developed proposals for change readiness governance at a corporate and business unit level that created a single change plan across NWG

What it achieved:

  • Early engagement of a critical mass of senior leadership stakeholders who were ready to take ownership for their operations readiness for change
  • A clear assessment of the strengths and development areas for each operation’s change profile that formed the basis for their detailed change activities and plan
  • A set of measures of progress that described the extent to which the business had achieved the conditions for change
  • A foundation for a portfolio approach to change deployment, integrating the combined impact on operations of multiple programmes