Developing Change Ready Leadership Teams in Local Government

As part of its ambition to develop a Modern Efficient Council, a northern city council embarked upon a programme to create a council that has the leadership style and culture that could rapidly change today and respond quickly to changes tomorrow.  We were commissioned to redefine the role of managers, introduce behavioural standards across the council and support these changes through the provision of executive coaching for the top 40 leaders.

What we did:

  • Reviewed the council’s existing approaches and opportunities for further improvement
  • Produced a series of behavioural standards for leaders and other employees
  • Redefined the role of the manager and leader and established a frame for future learning and development
  • Introduced a High Performance Scorecard to embed the Strategic Leadership Imperatives
  • Provided executive coaching to directorate leaders and leadership teams that drew upon reflections of the newly defined leadership standards and contribution

What we achieved:

  • Created the operating climate and leadership behaviours needed to mobilise and sustain the wider transformation across all areas
  • Engendered a climate of openness to new ideas and shared learning that improved the conditions for shared learning and cross directorate initiatives
  • Equipped the client’s HR team with specialist organisation development skills and knowledge to internally achieve the council’s change ambitions