Creating Agile Performance with the IMechE

As part of a 4 year Digital Transformation Programme, the IMechE established an Agile Workforce Programme to ensure employees were able to work in ways that made the most of emergent digital services and developed a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

What we did:

  • Worked with employees and their line managers from across all business areas to understand current working practices, leadership styles and cultures in the UK and internationally
  • Introduced four agile working styles that ensured that employees were able to select ways of working that optimised their contribution
  • Realigned employees to their contribution to the Institution’s fundamental mission and purpose
  • Developed a transformation plan and business case for the proposed changes

What it achieved:

  • The executive team had a clear understanding of the underlying reasons for existing working styles and a plan that enabled them to use digital changes as a catalyst for adopting new ways of working
  • A simple definition of how each employee contributed towards the success of the institution that encouraged cross operational innovation, problem solving and provided a frame for future performance management