Redesigning Enabling Services for the LGA

The LGA redesigned its business support and customer services, discontinuing its contract with an external service provider and bringing its back-office services in house.  The benefits of this change included a reduction in operating costs as well as the creation of a more flexible and scalable business.

What we did:

  • Reviewed the business value of all tasks and processes and discontinued a range of low / no value activities
  • Developed a new service model that used digital solutions to improve employee and manager self service and Customer Relationship Management
  • Developed new job designs for new roles and established robust recruitment criteria
  • Produced a detailed transition plan to manage staff redundancy and creation of new job roles
  • Produced a transformation plan for a 3-stage organisation redesign

What it achieved:

  • Engagement and approval from both the LGA Transition Board and the incumbent service provider that enabled a smooth transition of employees and maintained productivity and morale
  • A 42% reduction in headcount and a 44% reduction in operating costs for customer contact and back office services