The Future of Work

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Time For A Change

Why are businesses continuing to use management principles designed 100 years ago for a world that no longer exists? This article describes the effect that 20th-century management has on today’s businesses and sets out four alternative management principles that will make organisations fit for the 21st century.

Time for a Change

A Day In The Office

As businesses look beyond covid, the real potential of a digital society is being brought into sharper focus.  We take a fresh look at the office in a digital world.  It describes the three factors that will inform your business’s future workplace strategy and provides a framework against which organisations can evaluate the impact of their strategic choices.

Catching The Wave

Change is happening faster than during the industrial revolution. Today, businesses need to spot opportunities and make choices in a matter of weeks.  OD Change Consulting works with industry executives to capture and share insights about emergent changes, identify future trends and bring this learning directly to the planning process.

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Public Sector Transformation – Creating Services Around The Citizen

There is little dispute that a more collaborative, joined up public service would deliver more, cost less, and enhance the lives of people and the communities in which they live.  Yet, despite the advances in digital services, collaboration and cross silo working remains stubbornly difficult to achieve.  This video explains why.