Transforming Construction Industry Grant Payments for the CITB

The CITB established a number of strategic changes that redefined its contribution to the industry, making it more responsive to the industry’s training needs and ensuring that levy funded grant payments were made for high quality training, targeted where the industry had the greatest need.  We were engaged to create the conditions in which the construction industry was supportive of the changes proposed by the CITB.

What we did:

  • Established a database of stakeholders and an analysis of how business change would impact upon their expectations, relationship and contributions
  • Worked with the CITB services to develop champions for relationships with construction industry employers, trade federations, accreditation awarding bodies, further education and training providers
  • Set up regional ‘pathfinder’ working groups for different stakeholders that encouraged co-design of a future service model
  • Agreed a change journey for each of the impacted groups with clear measures of progress required at each stage of the journey
  • Aligned the business change programme deliverables to measures of change readiness and agreed the gateway and governance processes

What it achieved:

  • A more strategic and collaborative approach to changing the CITB’s role within the industry
  • A forum in which CITB and other stakeholders developed shared goals and authentic conversations about the way the change should be approached
  • An objective assessment of the progress each stakeholder had made in the change journey that informed deployment decisions and CITB corporate risk assessment