Developing Transformational Leaders in the Channel Islands

A large public administration commissioned a private sector business partner to help redesign its services to achieve a saving of £31m.  The savings were to be achieved through a series of change programmes led by senior executives acting as each programme’s Senior Responsible Officer.  The leadership had limited experience of transformational change and the organisations culture honoured conformance to traditional ways of working and relationships.  We were asked to work with the executive team to create the conditions where transformation could be effectively led by the executive group.

What we did:

  • Developed and delivered a series of short, targeted executive development sessions, sponsored by different members of the executive, that were offered to first and second tier leaders
  • Worked with the dialogue from the development sessions to establish a clear role for the programme SRO and for change leaders
  • Agreed a set of personal and business performance principles with leaders that were further developed into performance management measures by the HR Team
  • Provided coaching and 3600 feedback to the Chief Executive, the SRO team and to the wider leadership team

What we achieved:

  • A shared view of the role of leaders in delivering change
  • Clarity and a shared understanding of the specific role of the executive team within the wider leadership group
  • Leadership styles and behaviours that increased engagement of their direct teams and the wider employee base
  • A group of Senior Responsible Officers with the skills needed to effectively lead programme changes