Performance Optimisation

Recent years have seen more people working longer hours, yet often this has not created improvements in performance or productivity. While digital services have increased our potential to work 24/7, many organisations have found that creating higher productivity and performance is more challenging than introducing new systems and processes.

We work with you to develop performance measures and people strategies that deliver tangible performance improvements by measuring employee performance using our  Employee Productivity Method (EPM) and then creating bespoke people strategies that deliver measurable business improvements.  EPM analyses.


  1. How people are led within your business climate and culture
  2. What people are measured against and how they are rewarded
  3. Why people leave and how they are recruited
  4. How the business manages service peaks and troughs
  5. The ratio of people directly delivering to customers and those who enable / support them
  6. What takes people away from their job: meetings, leave, sickness, training etc.


  • A review of your business performance against the six factors listed above
  • Establishing current costs and productivity opportunities available to your business
  • Prioritising actions to deliver performance improvements based on investment and ease of change
  • Working with you and your team to support the adoption of changes
  • Development of performance tracking tools and reports so that you can track performance and make real time changes