Preparing Balfour Beatty for Oracle Adoption

Following a strategic review of its UK Operations, Balfour Beatty commissioned the adoption of Oracle R12 as a single ERP across its UK Business Division.  We were engaged to manage the introduction of change to the Business Services division that encompassed Gas and Water, Transmission and Power, Rail and Living Places businesses and affected 7,500 employees.

What we did:

  • Worked with each of the affected businesses to develop the business change governance and local change support infrastructure between the Oracle R12 programme and operational teams.
  • Developed an integrated change plan that allowed operations to respond to the programme’s need for the data and resources needed for migration testing, process revision and user testing
  • Led a team of 18 trainers, communication and change specialists who produced the materials required to support the business change
  • With business managers, made regular assessments of the extent to which operations were on track to be ready for change deployment

What it achieved:

  • A pragmatic change programme in which each business CEO owned responsibility for the successful adoption of the R12 solution
  • Introduced a cohort of 12 well briefed, engaged and competent Business Implementation Leads who championed the programme and engaged their businesses and leadership teams
  • A well planned and universally understood view of the change journey for different groups of employees from different business units