Change Management

Many businesses see change management as something that happens as part of a change programme – essentially, tell them, train the and transition them to a new way of working.  We offer change management services that deliver these activities, but within the context of developing a strong local engagement from across those groups who need to take on the changes.  Change is principally a business and leadership activity, not a programme activity.

We provide the essential bridge between the business and the programme so ensuring the right changes are delivered, at the time when your business is properly equipped to take on the changes and deliver the benefits.


  • Developing an agile deployment plan based upon the business capacity to receive the changes that reflect the overarching change agenda and business priorities
  • Working with you to develop change governance and improve change decision making
  • Developing integrated change plans that ensure a consistent and relevant change experience for the different groups affected by the change
  • Developing communications and engagement that ensure that each affected group receives regular, well targeted updates and ensures that your business has a clear view of conversations from your service areas
  • Analysis of the learning needs of change, design and build materials that ensure that each person affected by the change gets the required development, at the right time and in the right way
  • Project management of the change process with your business to ensure that all your people are ready, willing and able to support the changes throughout the change journey