Tracking Construction Industry Readiness for Change

The CITB commissioned a number of changes that redefined its contribution to the industry, making it more responsive to the training needs of the construction industry and ensuring that levy funded grant payments were made for high quality training.  We worked with the CITB to engage around 50,000 construction industry employers and federations, 2,500 commercial training providers and over 100 FE, HE and accreditation provider stakeholders in the development of a new model for training provision and grant payment.

What we did:

  • Identified the industry stakeholders who needed to be heard in a conversation about new ways of providing grant funded training
  • Established ‘pathfinder’ groups that created the conditions for each stakeholder to have a voice in discussions about the future
  • Facilitated the pathfinder forums to develop a shared sense of purpose and establish deeper relationships between different parts of the system
  • Ran events where the pathfinder groups were extended to provide an incubator for wider conversations across the industry
  • Led conversations that helped stakeholders from across the system recognise and share responsibility for change leadership

What we achieved:

  • Moved the conversation away from being CITB centred, to a shared conversation about how best to meet the needs of a modern and progressive construction industry
  • Clear and authentic industry dialogue about the process of change across the system and a clearer sense of how each stakeholder would approach changes to their contribution
  • A well informed and realistic assessment of the capacity for the industry to change and the pace of change