Designing a Strategic Core for the Royal Borough of Kingston

RBK embarked upon a corporate redesign to align services with clearly defined community outcomes for the borough.  The council required a smaller retained core strategic team of council employees as part of the redesign.  We were appointed to redefine the outcomes and structures for their retained services.

What we did:

  • Established the current financial investment in the services that were part of the strategic core and appraised performance against peer and national benchmarks
  • Worked across all retained service areas to agree the outcomes and essential activities.
  • Co-developed future service models and operational restructures to reduce costs
  • Co-designed a 3-year Workforce Strategy, with an HR service partner, to support migration to new target models

What it achieved:

  • A Target Operating Model and organisation design for retained services, as well as a business case for in-year savings of £1.7m and a total of £4.5m over 4 years in line with Medium Term Financial Plan requirements
  • A Transformation Journey Plan for implementing the new design
  • Cabinet approval for an outcome based budget for the first year