Identifying People Productivity Opportunities in Insurance Services

A business service provider was commissioned to settle a large number of occupational injury claims on behalf of an employer who had ceased to operate.  Following transfer of the contract, the new service provider sought a review of the performance of the current employee efficiency and productivity in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

What we did:

  • Completed a performance review of all claims services across UK operations to establish productivity measures based upon claims closed ratios
  • Established HRM key metrics including recruitment, retention, attrition, overtime, sickness and absence compared across the business and with industry benchmarks
  • Identified correlations between culture, leadership style, organisational structure and performance against key metrics
  • Agreed a number of changes to HR and Organisation Design that would achieve measurable improvements in productivity

What we achieved:

  • In year savings of £170k through active management of poor performance
  • Reduced overtime by £660k over 12 months, by using agency staff to cover month end peaks instead of using overtime
  • Reduced absence costs by £626k pa through more flexible leave process and improved management planning
  • Savings of £1.5m by eliminating process duplication and improving retention of key employee groups